Gul Hurgel

Collection: Gul Hurgel

 Years of dedicated passion, sensitive observation and accumulating impressions have lead Gül to launch the fruit of her loving labour, namely her new fashion label “Gül Hürgel”. She spent her early years at school in the Swiss mountains where she was surrounded by boundless natural beauty and then went on to pursue studies in fashion design at Parsons School of Art and Design in Paris and New York.

From this experiences along with her frequent journeys to serene coastal towns along the Mediterranean such as Portofino, Positano and the Provence to the olive strewn hills and villages along the coast of her native Turkey. Gül never ceases to draw stimulation and inspiration for her creative work as she lives and works in her beloved, vibrant hometown.

Istanbul set along the glimmering deep blue shores of the Bosphorus. Her love for the Mediterranean is reflected in her predominant use of light linen fabrics for her latest collection.