Collection: Antipodean

By definition, Antipodean refers to a person from Australia or New Zealand (spoken by inhabitants of the northern hemisphere). But as a namesake for the brand's ever-stylish, beach-to-bar-worthy garments, the word gorgeously rolls off the tongue, echoing the notion of getting dressed with ease. Impeccable craftsmanship combined with contrasting notions and a suave sensibility are Antipodean’s hallmarks.

Antipodean are art-centric, enduring, and uncompromising in their aesthetic. Each carefully-crafted piece embodies both the old world and new, designed to be cherished for years to come.

Antipodean dresses a free and determined spirit, admiring curiosity, playfulness and modernity. This is a curation of considered outfitting, designed to honour silhouette, sense of self, and inimitable style.